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Give Peace a Chance
The Blackberry Wonder
Stringbeans and Rice
The Acoustic Armada
Clapton / Winwood Review
Leon Russell at the Wonde



Articles & Reviews





 2013Various The Aquarian Weekly THE Weekly Music Magazine 
2013 Various EAST COAST ROCKER Your music magazine! 
 Feb 11, 2011 NY Times Asbury Park’s Boardwalk Revival Moves InlandArticle on Asbury Park Music 
 Oct 16, 2009Star Ledger I Am NJ Review of Billy Hector 
 July 27. 2009John Flynn Leon Russell at the Wonder Bar Concert Review 

June 10, 2009

John Flynn 

 Clapton/Winwood Concert Review

Concert Review

May 22, 2009

Richard Hoynes

Give Peace a Chance

Article on Peter, Paul and Mary at the State Theater, New Brunswick, New Jersey

May  2, 2009

Richard Elliott 

 The Acoustic Armada

Review of The Acoustic Armada with Billy Hector and Stringbean

April, 2009

Richard Elliott

 The Blackberry Wonder

Review of the Blackberry Blues Band performance at Giamano's in Bradley Beach, NJ

April 20, 2009 

Richard Elliott

 Stringbeans and Rice

Review of Stringbean and the Stalkers

April 18, 2009 

Richard Elliott 

 The Inspiration of Pat Guadagno

Review of Pat Guadagno


Rich Manson

George Meyer Interview

Interview with George Meyer -

Blackberry Blues Band


We are looking for articles from musicians.  If you would like to submit articles about your band, your journey, the challenges of being a musician, life on the road, little known history of music, or anything else that is relevant, send us a note.  We welcome your contributions.