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"The Voice of an Angel"
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Congratulations to Diana McCorry for making the balloting list for the 2008 Grammy's with her debut album, "Diana".  Diana brings us a great new talent to the New Jerey music scene. 


In her debut recording, Diana combines her vocal and dramatic talents with a superb jazz ensemble under the direction of producer/guitarist Tony Romano.


The album features original music and lyrics composed by her dad, Tim McCorry. Diana currently studies Drama at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City.


About the composer:


“Why don’t you record 10 songs with your daughter?” A simple idea from executive producer and spirit guide Patrick Lo Re that became something amazing. These ten songs represent 20 years of music writing passion from her singer/songwriter father, Tim McCorry who also happens to be an architect.


With wonderfully inventive arrangements, producer Tony Romano has taken the music to a new level. In the studio, Diana brought a personality and sophistication to the songs that seems impossible for someone of her tender years. The experience was pure joy from day one.


Diana currently studies Drama at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City.

Contact Information

Redwood Entertainment, Inc. Tel: 212 543-9998