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Singer, Songwriter, Musician 
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Take the vocal distinctness of Cat Stevens, cross it with the storybook songwriting of Harry Chapin and the eclectic instrumentation of Paul Simon, and you've got the framework of Steven Delopoulos. Boasting a diverse range of musical influences including Tom Waits, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Don McLean, and Greek folk music, one could try to imagine how all these threads could create an artistically consistent whole. Blending folk, pop, gospel, and orchestral elements, Straightjacket (Eb+Flo Records) offers an astonishing fusion that brands his signature sound.

Growing up in Monmouth County, NJ in a distinctively Greek family, Steven absorbed the cadence of the Greek language and the spirit of the culture that has infused his music with its ethnic/world vibe. He first came on the music scene in the late 90's as the lead singer for the critically acclaimed, award-winning band Burlap to Cashmere. In 2003, Delopoulos released Me Died Blue, a poignant solo album that Paste Magazine called " a boisterous and deeply moving blend of acoustic folk-pop".

Audiences have always gravitated toward Delopoulos' sophisticated musicianship as well as his painterly imagery and provocative metaphors. Straightjacket offers listeners a continuation of his whirlwind musical journey: "May I Always Keep My Feet Upon the Ground" is a rowdy piece that sounds easily at home on a soulful gospel record. "Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound" is a cover of the Tom Paxton classic featuring legendary guitarist Duane Eddy, and the album even contains an interlude reminiscent of a vintage New York jazz club. The opening track "Ruin of the Beast" begins with chant excerpts from a Greek monastery Delopoulos encountered on a visit to Greece. Despite the artful incorporation of various mediums, Straightjacket is a folk record steeped in spirituality: the work of an artist who's still coming into his own, getting better and better with each new release. Like its predecessor, it's sure to be cherished by anyone bold enough to discover it.  

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