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Stringbeans and Rice
By Richard Elliott
April 20, 2009


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Pictures by Richard Elliott

So we ventured to a little know local Cajun place to see Stringbean and the Stalkers.  When I say the finest blues you’ll ever hear, I’m dead serious.  This five star band is led by Kenny Sorensen, AKA Stringbean. He can play the harp like nobody’s business.  His talented ensemble of artists seems to change every time we see them, and they sound fantastic each time.  The mixing of players adds a bit of variety to this stringbean and rice meal. 

The beauty of live music is it is always something different.  We’ve seen two drummers, several guitar players, and a consistent member, Dan Mulvey on the bass.  Dan seems to show up at every great gig we drop by to see.  He plays with Sonny Kenn, Stringbean, and some other local blues bands.  In addition to being a fine bass player, he is a nice guy. 

Sim Cain, Stringbean's the current drummer is exceptional.  He doesn't just keep the beat.  His exceptional "touch" adds a unique ambiance to the music.   

A new, up and coming guitar player is Joe (The Kid) Murphy.  Last night his folks came up from Atlantic City to see him play with Stringbean.  I'm sure they were proud of their son who also is about the realize his PHd in History.  What great parents.  Joe played on his new Fender Super Champ amplifier given to him by his girlfriend Michelle for his birthday.  He is a fantastic addition to the Stringbean ensemble.  I predict he will become one of the worlds great guitar players.

Stringbean was a harbor captain before he left to do his music gig full time.  A colorful character, his relaxed style and unclipped guitar strings go hand in hand as he begins the greatest blues ballads.  I keep saying I am going to bring him a set of wire cutters.  A most noteworthy attribute is his generous welcoming of any musician who enters the room as he invites them to play. 

If you like the blues, you can’t miss this great eclectic team of musicians.  If you never grew to appreciate the blues, you will when you finish with a night of Stringbean and the Stalkers.  If you turn into blues junkies as we have, go see these great blues artists.  They are gifted.  You can check out samples of their art at and