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The Acoustic Armada
By Richard Elliott
May 2, 2009
So the wife was away on a business trip and Suzan Hector told me the Acoustic Armada was playing at Rajin Cajun in Belmar on Wednesday.  Not knowing who they were, I asked Suzan if they had a web site.  She shared with me that this was a mix of Billy and Suzan Hector, Stringbean, and a few others.    I like Stringbean.  I like Billy and Suzan.  I needed to hear the combination.  Little did I know what I would experience. 
I walked into Rajin Cajun as the band was setting up and Tracie welcomed me as she does.  I sat in front so I could take some video and pictures.  Roger Beckwith and his wife were seated against the back wall.  Roger is the creator of the band schedule web site,  If you are looking for something to do on the weekend, check it out.  
Well, the mix was indescribable.  Check out the video on  There were no dry eyes in the place when they finished playing Forever Young by Bob Dylan.  I went back and listened to the Bob Dylan version (1994 Greatest Hits album), and liked the Acoustic Armada version better.  No offense Bob.  This song exemplifies the genius and diversity of Bob Dylan.  How so many great lyrics and songs can come from one person is beyond me.  And he’s not finished.  
The combination of Strinbean’s harp, Billy’s unbelievable guitar playing, the voices of Billy and Suzan, and a great team of musicians make this song.  Billy hits every note with passion.  Kenny (Stringbean) Sorensen can bring out the emotion of any song.  The sorrow I felt when he played, and Suzan and Billy sang moved me…and everyone else in the room.    Phenomenal talent.  My wife is going to be sorry she missed the show.  We are so blessed to have these musicians grace our lives.