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The Blackberry Wonder
By Richard Elliott
April 2009 

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If you ever wondered how five people could play together in perfect harmony, go see The Blackberry Blues Band.  My first introduction to the Blackberry Blues Band was as I passed by the gazebo at Silver Lake in Belmar NJ.  It was the infamous Belmar Seafood Festival.  I wondered, “Who is that band? They are great!”  Little did I know a close friend would introduce me to them again a couple of years later. 

We dropped in to see the Blackberry Blues Band at Giamano’s, a local Italian restaurant and music hot spot for some great musical acts.  And everyone was there.  I recognized Cliff Bloodgood, a great guitarist, Al Holmes, a great singer who got up and sang a song with the band, and the drummer who sits in with Stringbean's band, Steve Shraeger. 

They filled the room with good energy, from their music to their souls.  A rare east coast find, the Blackberry Blues band will drive you to your feet from the first note.  They play blues, classic rock and roll, and some outstanding original tunes.  They will have you out of your seat from the first drum beat from their fantastic drummer Jim Verdi.  In addition to his superb drumming, you will enjoy his facial expressions as he beats his drum.  OK, enough said.

We met Blackberry through a friend who introduced us to George Meyer, a songwriter, keyboard player, singer, actor, and gentleman with a welcoming spirit from the first introduction.  When his lovely wife and lead singer, Pamela Moore grabbed the microphone, it was magic.  Her voice will ring a familiar sound if you’ve ever heard Meatloaf, as she used to sing with him.  George and Pamela met while playing with Meatloaf on the Dead Ringer Tour (1981-1982).  Pamela joined Meatloaf’s band after touring with Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band on his Against the Wind World Tour.  As George tells the story, amongst the hundreds of auditioning singers form across the country, Pamela knocked their socks off.  Her energy is contagious.  Just watch her hands.    Both Pamela Moore and Dave Meyers gave great vocal performances.  

Rick DeSarno filled in for Paul Dickler who was under the weather.  What a great guitarist.  I was inspired again by the great leads he played from the blues to rock and roll. I’m going to go practice my pentatonic scales.   

If you need a pick me up with some great entertainment, go and see the Blackberry Blues Band.  They are fantastic.